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"The team @ the Carindale store are friendly, fast and efficient. Will definitely recommend Fix My Mobile. Thank you!" - David Curtin via Facebook.

"Thanks for my replacement screen. Fast and very easy! Cheers" - Mick Beard via Facebook


galaxy-note-3-smlPhone/Tablets aka Phablets (yes, really) are becoming more mainstream with users that wanting even more integration between mobile computing and comunication devices. Happy to put up with not being able to carry their phone in most normal sized pockets, is the price you pay for some amazing features. In recent years is the Samsung Galaxy Note has proven to be more than just a hit ammoung users but but is it just a bloated phone?

The Galaxy Note 3 is now out and comes with a whopping 5.7 inch screen with a 1080p display. A screen that big means you can forget about single handed use for the most part, while possible, (Samsung have tried to make it work) it just isn't achievable for the most part. It also sports a 2.3GHz quad-core cpu, meaning it's quite fast and a definite step up from it predecessor. As expected you will find the usual 32/64 gb variants that most phones/tablets/phablets support. The rear camera is a decent 13 megapixels and it all runs on the Andriod operating system. 

But what does all that mean? Simple; this is a very powerful peice of hardware, this isn't just a phone with a big screen - it packs a punch and a serious one at that. You can expect everything to run smoothly and get very good battery life. If you're willing to put up with the size, there is very few options on the market that can keep up with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. 

We provide repair services for the Samsung Galaxy Note 1 & 2 currently with more parts on the way right now for the Note 3 as well. Just keep an eye on our price list and we'll update it as soon as those parts arrive or give our friendly staff a call on 1300 FIX FIX

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Fix My Tablet is a specalised brand name of Fix My Mobile that is focused on providing the best tablet repair service in Australia. We have a dedicated team of expert technicians that are more than happy to help and offer guidance for any problem you may encounter. 

Stuck SIM Card

It's very easy to get confussed with all the techno mumbo jumbo and sometimes people put the wrong thing in the wrong spot. If you get into this situation we can help and SAFELY remove stuck object like a SIM card in the wrong slot. 

Faulty LCD Screen

Lines on your screen? Flickering or poor colour? You may have a faulty LCD screen in your tablet. The good news is that we can reapir it FAST. 

Cracked Screen

One of the most common repairs we do is screen repairs on all types of tablets. Wether is be your iPad, Galaxy Tab or any other tablet we can have it back to you fixed like new in now time at all!
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